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Dis.co is a cloud computing platform that parallelizes model training jobs for incredible speed gains.


Up to 160x faster in real-world data pre-processing, model training, and image and video processing.


1 line of code to scale your compute. 0 maintenance. 0 Dev Ops.  Focus on your work and not building infrastructure.


Save up to 33% versus current cloud and on-prem compute solutions.


How It Works

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Solving Model Training Constraints With Distributed Compute

Data scientists are seeking better ways to process the mountains of data necessary to train AI and ML models. In this blog post, we’ll cover model training compute constraints and the future of model training.

Dis.co Overview

Dis.co provides an easy and cost-effective way to use multiple machines to make your compute 

High-Speed Video Multi Processing with Disco inside a Jupyter Notebook

We want to build a face detection app that detects faces and puts a bounding box around these faces. And we want to do it fast.

AI/ML professionals, let us show you how Dis.co speeds up AI/ML model training jobs and helps you get results faster.

Get a $100 Amazon Gift Card for 30-minutes of your time.

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Dis.co easily parallelizes model training jobs to multiple CPU/GPUs in the cloud. Pay for only the compute hours used.

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We want to show you how to accelerate AI model training, data pre-processing & ETL, and big data processing with Dis.co.

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Dis.co’s Vision for a More Powerful Kind of Cloud Computing

We are developing a computing platform for tapping into excess compute capacity to run enterprise workloads. It’s the next step in the evolution of how users experience computing.