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Your first 500 hours of compute are free! is a serverless computing platform that enables easy parallelization of heavy-compute jobs.


Run jobs in parallel and get results up to 160x faster in real-world compute tasks.


Increase compute scale on-demand across existing resources with 1 line of code and zero infrastructure maintenance.


Save up to 33% in compute costs by maximizing utilization of existing idle compute resources.

Main Benefits

How It Works

Deployment Options Cloud

No cloud, no problem! Run on  Cloud - a fully-managed, turnkey batch-computing-as-a-service.

Your Cloud

Connect multiple clouds like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and Packet. Avoid vendor lock-in among clouds. Utilize idle-compute on-prem.

On Prem

Run on your on-prem servers and devices

For AI/ML model training, media rendering, big data processing, or any heavy-compute job.

Get time-to-results faster. 
Your first 500 hours of compute time are free.

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